Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Janes Island

One of the largest marsh areas  in the Chesapeake Bay, I'll be returning again and again, for there is much I have not seen. The town of Chrisfield isn't much to visit, not to my tastes, but there are a few restaurants and the marina has a nice pool.

 Normally--always--I'm quiet in the marsh, but on this occasion I lost all track of time, realized I was late for dinner, and had to scoot. My faithful 3.5hp 2-stroke will plane very nicely if the dingy is light and well-trimmed.

Because of extensive shallow water, anchoring a cruising boat neat the island is basically impractical unless your draft is quite shallow in which case there are a number of nice coves. For the rest of us, the Summers Cove marina makes a good staging ground, just a fraction of a mile from the park. You will nearly pass the marina entrance before it is clearly visible. Just keep an eye to the right for the obvious opening.

I don't know how to communicate silence in a photograph. Nothing but a light hiss of the wind in the reeds.

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