Thursday, July 24, 2014

Deep Cove Creek

 Broad Water Cheek center, Deep Cove Creek right
 A few miles north of Deale, MD, just northeast of  Broad Water Creek on the western shore is an unimportant break in the coastline. A small marsh-lined creek, just navigable by runabouts, winders inland through marsh for a fraction of a mile before broadening into a beautiful pond. One afternoon, sailing alone without really enough wind to sail I decided to stop and explore, and was greeted by a pair of bald eagles; enough for the spot to make my list of places to take folks.

It's a small area, with a few tiny beaches on the south side protected by a small breakwater. Turtles nest on the beach; leave them alone.

 There is a shallow indent in the coast here, running north, but don't mistake this for an area where you can tuck in and anchor; it's less than 4 feet for 1/4-mile. However, the holding ground is excellent (a firm sand/silt mix) and in settled weather it is perfectly practical to anchor in the open for a while. There is kayaking all along this stretch of coast, but the closest approaches to shore are west of the creek.

The pond, looking towards the Chesapeake