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Like a Table of Contents, Only Different

I've tried to place all of the "topics" on page tabs for quick reference. These tend to be instructional, like how to chose a kayak or how to rig a cuban yo-yo for trolling. Topics you will read through.

These are found on the page tabs as well, for quick reference.

These are of several types, but always indexed both by the "search' window (upper left corner) or the "lables tab on the right side bar. Want to kayak? click the "by kayak" label and they will all be displayed. Kayak on Slaughter Creek? Search kayak Slaughter Creek."

  • Places. Either a single location of a family of places that are close or linked. Perhaps dry, but factual.

  • Trip Reports. While not all that different from place descriptions, here I'm telling a story, relating what happened and how we found the expereince. More fun for me and for you, I hope.

While many links are imbedded in the text where ever the topic comes up, I've placed a few on the side bar that I access frequently; weather, wind predictions, access information and the like. A sort of Chesapeake-specific "favorites" tab.


There's not much point in a guide that is difficult to navigate. I hope I've succeed in making thing clear.

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