Saturday, April 20, 2013

Unnamed Cove, Harris Creek

A small cove, not in the guides and thus uncrowded, and perfect for the cruiser drawing less than 5 feet (There is generally 8 feet). A well-hidden farmhouse on one side, at the head of the cove. A field to the south. Lots of quiet.

Just north of Briary Cove, south of Conoy Creek....

This is not the blind mentioned in the approach instructions; there is another further out, towards the north side of the inlet. A nice sand bottom makes for pleasant early October wading. But the weather was turning and the decoys were stacked in the trees in the background.

When entering use the blind as a channel marker; stay about 50 feet south and you will find about 7.5 feet of water at low tide. Much of the creek is about 8-9 feet inside.  The channel is fairly straight, extending well down the southern branch. Use caution; the channel is narrow right at the entrance near the blind for about 100 feet (perhaps 40 feet) with a 4-5' bar on both sides.

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