Monday, August 24, 2015

Warehouse Creek

Much of Kent Island is over-developed and crowded, due to it's proximity to the Bay Bridge. However, branching east of Cox creek is wide, marsh-boardered Warehouse creek, with only a few houses at the mouth and at the head, and a lot of solitude in between.

The beaches are silty rather than sandy (south shore has wadeable areas) of SAV (submerged aquatic vegetation), but at least they are firm, and if you step out to look at something, you won't sink in up to your knees. But mostly it's a quiet place, with a few fisherman, a few sailboats anchored near the mouth (few go up very far), and bigger fish chasing little fish.

Near the head is a small public landing, protected by a stupidly high fee for nothing more than gravel lot and a short board walk. On the other hand, if you land with an unregistered kayak, I think there is nothing to fear.

A few hundred yard walk east (pleasant) on the road will take you to route 8, and a few hundred yards south on route 8 (unpleasant) will take you to the entrance to Matapeake Park, an unremarkable park on the bay with a ramp, pier, swimming beach, and a club house often rented for weddings.


Warehouse creek carries 7-foot depths until the final split about 1/2-mile from the head, though there are a few lumps in the channel that may reduce it to 6 feet without local knowledge. The holding is good in firm mud.

rev. 2-18-2016. I liked it so much I returned in the spring. Miles of unspoiled, uninhabited shoreline.

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